TIP: You can unable the option of point 3 until you start using the ADD-ON and then start the installation process.


Step 1

Make sure you have 4.15 or latest version of PT4.
Download and install the latest version of PT4 here

Step 2

Make sure you have Postgresql 9.3.xx version or latest.
You can find PSQL version in PT4, go to Database-Database management.
Update instrucctions
*In the case that requires you to update PSQL, you must create again your database and import all your hands, we advice you to not import the hands until the install process of the ADD-ON has been done because in this way will not be neccesary rebuild cache.

Step 3

Make sure the next option its able:
down add on










Step 4

Close PT4 and install the fonts that are included in the installation folder, for that, open the folder and select all fonts pressing CTRL + E, then press right button-Install.

Step 5

Open PT4 and check that you have the Add-On correctly, for it go to HUD-Edit hud profiles and check that it appears in the list.

These hud normally we will not use them, it is preferable to import the customizable HUDs that we include in the download and use these, because this way we will be able to edit, save the changes and even export to have a backup of our modifications.

To do this, click on Options-Import profile, look for the installation folder of Add-Ons and select the HUD we supply to import it.

Press Close or apply to save the changes.

Step 6

Rebuild cache its need it in all databases (once recieved the ADD-ON) and as bigger the databases are, requires a bit longer time to get done, take that into account before you start your poker sesion.

hwt rebuild cache








Step 7

It is really important to put number of players on HUD, press ADD and filter MIN: 2 MAX: 2, repeat with MIN 3: MAX: 3.
Also it is also relevant not to apply any filter in tournament stacks.

hud filter players












Step 8

We recommend placing the HUD first in the replayer and playing hands to familiarize ourselves with it.

Then open poker lobby and place the HUD in play money tables, in a table of the same type that we play with real money, so we will not have to be aware of the game, just to place the HUD and once done, press Save layout to save your position on the tables.