We are focusing on giving you the best experience with a combination between lots of statistics but with the plus of an intuitive and effortless use of the HUD.

It has been developed to give you a quick access to the main stats on real time with automatic changes allowing more free screen while you play, for example:

-3 Handed to HU Automatic change.

-Stats preflop only shown once we have 10 or more opportunities (except the totals line).

-Stats postflop only shown once we have 5 or more opportunities.

-Stats preflop and postflop with advanced filters, giving you betting size, position, vs position and stacks preflop.

3 Handed to HU Auto change:

With the automatic change from 3H to HU, you get in the same space double stats, as you can see in the images bellow:

spy vista 3h


The groups of 3H reduced automatically to avoid generating distractions for the game.

The common groups between 3H and HU,has adapting stats, for example the Float stats BBvsSB in 3H, change to be Donk stats BBvsSB in HU.

spy vista hu



Full example of BBvsSB stats group:

spy 3h to hu


Stats without enough opportunities:

(10 preflop and 5 postflop) does not appear on the HUD:

spy less hands




BBvsSB Stats:

spy bb vs sb stats



SBvsBB Stats:

spy sb vs bb stats


spy 3h group spanish



BB vs SB 3 handed

spy bb vs sb pops 3h


BB vs SB 3 HU

spy bb vs sb pops hu

SB vs BB 3 handed

 spy sb vs bb pops 3h


spy sb vs bb pops hu


spy river



PRICE: 80€, vs hero 100€
FREE TRIAL: 30 days

How to get SPY SPIN HUD?

Please go to ADD-ON REQUEST menu